IXP Transit Locations & Offers

We offer free IPv6 BGP Transit over IXPs in Frankfurt, Oslo, Kansas and London over AS34927. IPv4 Transit is available for free for personal, educational and research Networks.

Location IXP Table Protocol Bandwith Pricing
Frankfurt KleyReX, LocIX, DE-CIX Default/Full IPv4 and IPv6 fair-use Free
London LINX, LONAP Default/Full IPv6 fair-use Free
Zurich CHIX-CH, EVIX Default/Full IPv4 and IPv6 fair-use Free
Oslo FIXO, FSIX Default/Full IPv4 and IPv6 fair-use Free
Amsterdam FrysIX, LSIX, SpeedIX Default/Full IPv6 fair-use Free
Kansas KCIX Default/Partial IPv4 and IPv6 fair-use Free
Fremont EVIX or local Default/Full IPv4 and IPv6 fair-use Free

Request IXP Transit

-Is IPv4 Transit available as well?
Free IPv4 Transit over IXPs is available for personal networks only, upon request. For paid Transit check out: ifog.ch/en/ip/ip-transit

-Is a LOA required?
LOAs are not required. Routes must have a route(6) object in IRRs like RADB, ARIN, RIPE, ATLDB.

-Are AS-Sets supported?
No, AS-Sets are only supported on VPSs and paid Transit.

-How much Traffic is fair-use?
Fair use Traffic is determined at our discretion, up to 1TB/m is usually okay. If we detect high amounts of traffic that is not fair-use you will be notified.

-What is the difference between free Transit and paid Transit from AS34927?
Our free Transit offerings don’t include premium carriers like DTAG, LGI, and others, and it does not come with any SLA, and BGP Communities are not available.